"Almiras Restaurant, Platanias, Chania"

Admire the beautiful Platanias sunset while enjoying a delicious dinner in our terrace.

Spectacular views

At “Almiras restaurant you will have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the Cretan Sea, overlooking the Theodore’s island, which according to local legend was a sea beast which chose to stay forever petrified at that spot.

Children’s area

We have created a small space with toys at our restaurant that can help keep the little ones occupied allowing you to enjoy your lunch or dinner at “Almiras”.

Raki & fruit on the house

Raki is the most renowned drink that is produced in all corners of Crete carrying with it its unique aroma and tradition. At the end of your dinner we offer our local raki and fruit as it is also reputed as aiding digestiion.

Welcome to the traditional restaurant " Almiras "

Our restaurant serves traditional Cretan dishes and gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the delightful flavors all combined with stunning views of the endless blue of Platanias beach and the sunset.

Selected dishes in the menu of Almiras restaurant

Chicken Almiras

Chicken stewed with wine, capers and olives. Served with roast potatoes, rice and...

Grilled Halloumi

A Cypriot dish. Served with vegetables.

Grilled mushrooms

Chopped mushrooms grilled with balsamic vinegar.


A traditional recipe of grated zucchini, cheese and seasonings. Includes Tyrokafteri and...

Fillet Beef Roquefort

served with potato, rice, vegetables and mushrooms


Sorry, this entry is only available in...

Skewered Pork

served with potatoes, rice and vegetables and red sauce in bowl

Special Mixed Kebab

Pork, chicken, bacon, served with potato, rice and vegetables and sauce in a bowl

Beef Chef

Beef baked with mushrooms, cheese, potatoes, carrots, peppers baked in a clay pot.

Baked lamb with potatoes

Traditional Greek recipe served with roast potatoes and vegetables


Baked lamb cooked in a traditional way.

Dips (with bread cover charge)

Traditional green and black olives with extra virgin olive oil and fresh grated tomato...

Mixed Greek plate

Various Greek specialties. Moussaka, zucchini pie, rabbit stew, baked potatoes, tzatziki...

Plate of mixed meats

Various grilled meat with red sauce. Served with roast potatoes, rice and...

Chicken nuggets

Kids Menu with roast potatoes and vegetables.

Chicken souvlaki special

Spicy tomato sauce, feta, basil moderately spicy. Served with roast potatoes, rice and...

Greek Salad

This is a classic Greek recipe with tomato, onion and fresh cucumbers with pure olive...


Strained yoghurt with grated cucumber, crushed garlic, dill and a little olive oil are...

Fresh chef’s salad

Served with crisp and fresh vegetables, boiled eggs and sliced fresh ham and cheese,...